Ties That Bind

There Is A 1:1 Correspondence Between Marriages Celebrated And Marriages Dissolved.

“Your Marriage Doesn't Have To Be A Part Of A Sad Statistic!”

You Can Save Your Marriage And Secure For Yourself And Your Spouse A Great Future That Can Be Enjoyed Forever!

Dear Friend,

If you are married, then what I will say will be very familiar.

Marriage is not a bed of roses that spouses can always enjoy. Though it has its share of great times, it also has its share of difficulties. Often, these difficulties make the spouses forget about their vows. The words In sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, in good times and in bad, until death do us part become but mere catchphrases recited to respect a custom more than anything else.

But such shouldn't be the case.

Marriage is a sacred union, in the eyes of God and in the eyes of man. It is an institution. It is a sacrament. And if it is treated the right way, it is the best thing that can ever happen to a person.

Problems Between The Spouses Are Quite Common, But

equally as common are people who do not know how to deal with these troubles.

Sometimes, simple arguments are met with anger, with hatred, and with disdain. As a result, contempt develops, to be followed by disillusionment and disgust.

There are also times when the partners succumb to temptation. And the cover-up starts with small lies that become bigger and bigger and bigger, until the concerned party starts believing his or her own lies.

The consequences can be dire. More often than not, uncontained differences lead to the end of the marriage itself. Sometimes, they lead to domestic violence and ruined lives.

There have been 957,200 reported cases of finalized divorces in the year 2000 alone, and this does not include the non-reporting states in the United States. That's almost a million occurrences of divorce, and the number doesn't show the pending petitions filed in court.

What's more telling is that there is nearly as many newly celebrated marriages per year.

Immediately, a one-to-one correspondence between marriage celebrations and divorce proceedings can be established. This is rather sad. It means that every marriage has almost as much chance of failing.

This is very sad indeed.

A marriage is a union of two people, a union of two hearts, and a union of two souls. The truth is, both parties in a marriage are bigger than the problems they encounter, if only they'd open their eyes to see this fact.

But There Is Hope

and this hope can be found in the stories of marriages that actually succeeded. These are the marriages that overcame harsh difficulties and seemingly insurmountable periods of tribulation. Amidst the pains, the anguish, the miseries, the apparent helplessness, these marriages triumphed, and have become better, stronger unions in the process.

Yes, dear friend. Your marriage doesn't have to be a sad statistic.

You can make it work!

You have the power to quell any problems that will haunt the marital union. You have the power to turn things around for true marital bliss. You have the power to make your marriage what it should be: a union borne of love, a union forged by mutual affection, and a union that is solid, firm, and eternal.

And how are you supposed to do these?

Experience Is The Best Teacher And We Can Learn From What Other People Have Endured.

Here are tales of marriages that overcame tall odds.

These are plights of married couples which may be familiar to you. They have succeeded in defeating their problems. There is no reason why you should fail where they have triumphed.

And if you still have doubts, much can be learned from what these stories can share. They are true stories real stories etched in the flesh and blood and lives of people who made a difference. And if they were able to do what many people in this day and age think of as impossible, so can you!

These stories are collected in one volume that is meant to inspire and to teach, to share and to guide, to make you realize that you and your partner are bigger than your problems, and to make it known that divorce is not the immediate answer to marital difficulties.

This volume is aptly entitled:

Ties That Bind

Ties That Bind:

Stories Of Marriages That Worked And How We Can Learn From Them

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Inside its pages, you will learn why its aptly named.

This eBook contains many stories of marriages which braved the storm to realize what the marital union should really be about a tie that binds us forever, from where we can gather our strength and from where our dreams can be cradled.

Indeed, if home is where the heart is, then marriage should be the caretaker of our hearts dwelling.

Ties That Bind is more than just a collection of tales, however. It is a work prepared after careful research and hours of consultation with respected people in the field of marriage counseling. Take a look at what other things you can find inside this worthy eBook:

Your marriage doesnt have to end in despair and broken hearts. You have the power to set things right. You have the power to make things work. You have the power to fulfill the promises you have made to your partner.

And this eBook will show you how.

Ties That Bind:

Stories Of Marriages That Worked And
How We Can Learn From Them

Once you have reaped the many benefits that this eBook has to offer, you will know that reading its pages is as essential as your wedding celebration. Yes, dear friend the Ties That Bind is indeed that fascinating!

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